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Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. The Company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems.

The primary end markets for the Company's products are communications and information processing markets, including cable television, cellular telephone and data communication and information processing systems; Aerospace and Military electronics; and Automotive, Rail and other Transportation and Industrial applications, including Oil & Gas markets.

Industrial Products Group
Manufacturing connectors since 1932, we take pride that the Amphenol Industrial Products Group is the undisputed leader in interconnect systems for harsh environment applications. Such applications require a high degree of engineering sophistication and precision manufacturing capability. Innovations like our RADSOK® contact technology can provide roughly 50% more current through the same size pin. Connectors utilizing this RADSOK® technology will outperform similar products in the market hands down.

The Amphenol Industrial Products Group (AIPG), a division of the Amphenol Corporation, is the leading manufacturer of cylindrical connectors in the world. Amphenol Industrial's product lines consist of rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors.


Amphenol is a portmanteau from the corporation’s original name, American Phenolic Corp.

Amphenol was founded in Chicago in 1932 by entrepreneur Arthur Schmitt, whose first product was a tube socket for radio tubes(valveholder bases). Amphenol expanded significantly during World War II, when the company became the primary manufacturer of connectors used in military hardware, including airplanes and radios. From 1967 to 1982 it was part of Bunker Ramo Corporation.

Amphenol’s revenues in 2018 were $8.2 billion. The company sells its products into diverse electronics markets, including military-aerospace, industrial, automotive, information technology, mobile phones, wireless infrastructure, broadband, medical, and pro audio. Operations are located in more than 60 locations around the world. The company is included in the S&P Midcap 400 index. Amphenol’s Chairman is Dr. Martin H. Loeffler. Chief Executive Officer is R. Adam Norwitt.


AET (Amphenol Energy Tech) recognizes that our commitment to quality is a leading factor in maintaining and growing our business. We focus on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products, through continuous improvement in our manufacturing and QA processes, thus ensuring that we honor quality and delivery commitments to our customers and valued business partners.

Commitment to Quality & Customer Satisfaction
AET is committed to quality. We ensure that the products and services we provide meet or exceed our customers expectations. AET comply with industry best practices and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.

AET is certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This certification is a guarantee to our customers and business partners that our products are safe, reliable and meet high standards of quality.

Continuous Improvement
Our dedicated employees are continuously challenged to identify opportunities for quality improvement. We are regularly evaluating our processes to ensure that we are not only meeting, but exceeding our quality expectations. These evaluations pave the way to improve our quality performance for the benefit of our customers and our business.

Ethical Conduct
Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out to provide our employees, management and directors with a clear and effective approach to dealing with ethical situations, providing information on available resources, and policy guidance on common ethical issues. Amphenol treats its customers with integrity and fairness. We are committed to promoting our products and services in a manner that is honest and fair, and ensuring that any statements, communications and presentations that we make are accurate and reliable.

Amphenol Energy Technologies

As part of the Amphenol Industrial Group, Amphenol Energy Technologies encompasses the facility businesses of Amphenol Oil & Gas Technologies, Amphenol Nelson Dunn Technologies/EC Systems, Amphenol EEC, and Amphenol Middle East Enterprizes FZE.

Collectively, we are a leading supplier of interconnect solutions, particularly for hazardous areas and harsh environments.

Amphenol Energy Technologies offers industry-wide recognized products, including our Starline and Starline EX products, which carry the latest industry certifications including ATEX, IECEx, GOST, Inmetro, UL, CSA and more.

We offer unparalleled expertise, knowledge and technical support for any interconnect solution. Our engineering team has the technical background to assist with almost any requirement: experience gained over many years of supplying to the challenging requirements of the Oil & and Gas industry.

Amphenol Energy Technologies has sales locations throughout the world, including Houston, Edmonton, Chicago, London, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai. Saudi Arabia, China and Italy.

Some of the diversified market segments that are the focus of Amphenol Energy Technologies are shown in this website.However, we will be pleased to discuss any additional opportunities.

Amphenol Oil & Gas Technologies

Amphenol Industrial Products Group is a leading supplier of interconnect and value add solutions to the Oil and Gas market.

With the increase in world demand for oil and gas by-products, the technology used in the exploration and production processes has grown in sophistication. With industry leading engineering, design and manufacturing expertise, Amphenol is the preferred supplier of harsh environment products for Offshore and Land Drilling equipment, FPSO Production, Downhole and Subsea Solutions.

Amphenol has offered the drilling and production industry a full range of product lines for more than 25 years. Our innovative designs offer solutions for power, signal, hybrid and high speed interconnect requirements.

Amphenol Nelson Dunn Technologies

Established in 1959, Amphenol Nelson Dunn Technologies (ANDT), a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation is one of the largest US Industrial manufacturers of cable assembly solutions. ANDT are also the largest distributor for industrial hoses, hose assemblies, hydraulic products and components on the West Coast of the USA.

Basically, the two divisions within the ANDT organization are Nelson Dunn which focuses on hose and hydraulics (for Chemical, LNG/CNG, Fuel, Oil Transfer, Steam, Suction Discharge & more), and EC Systems for Electrical Cable Systems, whose core competence is cable assembly manufacturing.

As a division of ANDT, Amphenol EC Systems is one the largest US manufacturers of Ruggedized Cable Assemblies and Electrical Cable Umbilicals for extreme conditions & harsh environments. i.e. for applications in industrial markets such as Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery, Alternative Energies, Aircraft Ground-Support, Transportation and Ports/Maritime. With decades of expertise in manufacturing complex cable assemblies, EC Systems partners with major OEM’s to deliver cable solutions for the most demanding applications. Our skilled engineering, design, manufacturing assembly & customer service teams offer quality products from our 72,000 square ft. facility in Southern California.

Nelson Dunn Technologies produced the world’s first Top-Drive Service Loop in 1984. Nelson Dunn/ EC Systems became part of the Amphenol global brand in 2012. Today, ANDT provides the most reliable, durable, cost-effective Cable Assemblies on the market, with unsurpassed expertise and a global footprint

Our rugged cable assemblies have been installed on approx. 70% of all drill ships, semi-submersibles, jack-ups, and drilling barges throughout the world.

As heavy equipment moves about in harsh environments, robust and reliable cable management systems are necessary to provide electrical and hydraulic power and controls. Our Drag-Chains can also provide a ruggedized solution, customizable for any need.

Amphenol EEC

Amphenol acquired Electrical Equipment Corporation (EEC) in 2015. Based in Chicago, our team at Amphenol EEC comprises specialists in many areas including Product Realization, Tool and Mold Making, Precision Machining (CAD/CAM) , Production Planning, Electrical Harness and Component Assembly

Amphenol EEC offers a full range of interconnect products, including their HDE Series Class 1, Division 1 product. This series, which is fully intermateable with the former Pyle National AF/GD connectors, is designed for applications in the Oil and Gas (Oil Rigs, Gas Processing & Oil Refineries), LNG & Oil Tankers, Ship-to-Shore Communications, Air Transportation and Aerospace Industries. The zero dwell snap-action and labyrinth flame path facilitates use in many hazardous locations. A full range of insert arrangements are available for both power and control service.

Amphenol EEC R49/R24 Series - Single Pole Connectors can be used wherever high amperage connection of AC or DC power is required. Typical applications are the connection of power from Generator Sets to Switchgear or SCR houses. Traction Motors, Mud Pumps, Draw-works, Rotary Tables, Cement Pumps and Top Drives. The R49/R24 series are high load connectors with insulators manufactured in market leading synthetic self-lubricating thermoset rubber. The design enables the quick, safe and secure connection of AC and DC power in the most demanding of environments. Housings and couplers are manufactured in high-grade aluminum, and feature snap action “vibration safe” locking mechanisms. Colored epoxy coatings are applied for phase identification.

Self-adjusting contacts are precision machined from near pure copper and plated with our duplex tin plating system.

The R49 series is designed for the industry standard “49” footprint. The R24 series delivers a similar performance but with the industry standard “24” metal connector footprint.


Amphenol Middle East Enterprises (AME) is located in the Ajman Free Zone UAE, which is approximately 20 Km from Dubai. AME has been proudly serving markets in the Middle East, Europe and ASEAN from this location since 2008.

AME stock an extensive range of Amphenol connectors, including Star-line, Star-line EX, Amphe- EX, particularly for the Oil and Gas & associated markets. AME's strategic location, coupled with a fast and dynamic service, ensures that we can efficiently process shipments to a diversity of locations worldwide.

AME are also experienced at producing a range of Cable Assemblies at this location, particularly for harsh environments. Our skilled technicians are on hand to support regional customers on-site especially where equipment cannot be shipped overseas for repair. This has proved to be an invaluable service to our clients.

Being able to communicate with our regional customers in Asia in real time (UAE time zone is only four hours behind Asia) is, of course, a big advantage for critical supplies.